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Bringing a Medical Negligence claim

The vast majority of health professionals in the UK work tirelessly to treat their patients and provide a truly first class service. However, they operate under tremendous pressure and unfortunately medical mistakes do sometimes happen. Our years of experience have taught us that injuries caused by medical negligence can have a devastating impact on the victim and their family. It is therefore only right that they receive the compensation they are entitled to. Our clinical negligence team is dedicated to fighting on behalf of victims of medical negligence and recovering the compensation they are due.

How we can help

When selecting a medical negligence lawyer it’s important to establish that they are genuine specialists in this very complex area of law. Our highly experienced team deal with all types of medical negligence claim, offering a personalised service to clients from all over England and Wales.

We are happy to assess the legal merits of a case free of charge. If it is one we feel we can assist with we will create an individual case action plan.

We offer various types of funding, including our popular ‘no win – no fee’ scheme which is backed by one of the country’s leading insurers of clinical negligence claims. This means you can leave us to pursue your case safe in the knowledge that should you claim be unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay legal fees.

What makes us different

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to speak to a stranger about a sensitive medical issue. However, we pride ourselves on our compassionate and empathetic approach. We do our best to speak your language and try to understand the situation you find yourself in. We appreciate how stressful and upsetting the process can be and will make every effort to ensure that cases are dealt with as compassionately and efficiently as possible.

Our medical negligence team is recommended by the prestigious Legal 500; an independent guide to law firms, which attracts more than four million users online. In addition we have been awarded Lexcel accreditation – the Law Society’s kite mark for excellence in client care.

Our specialist experience

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in clinical negligence law and have recovered millions of pounds for our clients in recent years. Partner Oliver Thorne is fast acquiring a high profile reputation in the field and has become the ‘go to’ lawyer for many journalists interested in medical negligence news stories.

We also operate two niche medical negligence websites where you can find lots more useful information. Our Medical Accidents website deals with a broad range of clinical negligence cases while our Birth Injury website deals specifically with issues that affect mothers and new born babies.

We deal with all types of clinical negligence claims, including:

Birth injury & cerebral palsy claims

Our experienced lawyers have recovered millions of pounds for clients who have sustained brain injuries at the time of their birth. Injuries such as this can have a devastating impact on both the child and their family. As well as representing children who have been affected by an injury sustained at the time of their birth, we often act for mothers who have suffered injury during pregnancy or labour. Claims include, vaginal tears, issues involving caesarean sections, ectopic pregnancies, fertility/IVF and failed sterilisation claims.

Orthopaedic claims

These cases are very common and can range from a misdiagnosed fracture meaning a patient has to undergo surgery as a result of a delay in diagnosis to hip replacements being performed negligently.<br /> Sometimes, an injury that appears to be of modest severity can have a profound effect on the patient. Orthopaedic injuries can be so severe that they require individuals to change careers or even give up work altogether.

Misdiagnosed cancer claims

Over the years treatments for cancer have been improved and life expectancy has been significantly increased. However an early diagnosis is often crucial and a delay in diagnosis or a misdiagnosis of cancer can be fatal. The symptoms of cancer can be sometimes be confused with other illnesses. However, medical professionals should arrange for all appropriate investigations to be undertaken to ensure that cancer is ruled out. If they fail to do so a claim may arise.

GP negligence claims

Our lawyers frequently deal with clinical negligence claims against GPs who have failed to refer a patient for specialist review or have misdiagnosed a condition without ensuring that other causes are ruled out.

Cosmetic surgery claims

In the current world of ‘selfies’, image and the way we look is king. Cosmetic surgery is a multi-million pound industry but surprisingly it is very poorly regulated with the effect that vulnerable patients are often seriously let down. Our lawyers have specialist experience of dealing with negligent cosmetic surgery cases from straightforward breast augmentation claims to issues surrounding gynaecological procedures and FGM. Slee Blackwell LLP has been successfully involved in the PIP breast implant litigation and have represented hundreds of women, here in the UK and abroad.

Dental negligence claims

More and more people are undergoing cosmetic dentistry to achieve the celebrity smile they desire. However, the outcomes patients have been promised by their dental surgeons are not always achieved. It is in these cases that victims turn to specialist lawyers like us. We also represent patients whose routine NHS and private dental procedures have been performed negligently leading to the unnecessary loss of teeth and costly dental work having to be undertaken.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries arising from medical accidents can be devastating and often have life changing consequences for the victim. When considering the impact of a spinal injury on a patient’s life it is vital that all potential financial losses are considered, particularly those that will arise in future years. It is important that the lawyer assesses the claim in detail to ensure that the maximum level of compensation is recovered.

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Oliver Thorne

Partner – Medical Negligence
Specialising in clinical negligence and personal injury, Oliver has dealt with a variety of claims, from minor injuries to multi-million pound settlements.

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Penny Beales

Paralegal – Medical Negligence
Penny is a paralegal in our Medical Negligence team. She handles a variety of cases including birth injury and clinical misdiagnosis cases.

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