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We offer legal advice and guidance on Settlement Agreements (formerly known as Compromise agreements).

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee which is entered into following a decision to part company.

Before entering into a Settlement Agreement the employee is required to take independent legal advice.

The employee’s legal advice is generally paid for by the employer so it doesn’t normally cost the employee anything.

We will set out your options and either assist you with the completion of the  Agreement or advise you to proceed to an employment tribunal.

When a Settlement Agreement is signed the employee waives their right to make a claim. It is therefore vital  to receive advice from a specialist solicitor.

You Pay Nothing

In most cases the employer will agree to pay the employee's legal costs of obtaining advice on the Settlement Agreement.

Settlement Agreement Experts

We specialise in advising employees on Settlement Agreements and Compromise Agreements.

National Coverage

We offer our Settlement Agreement service to employees nationwide.

Independent Advice

Our advice on your Settlement Agreement is totally independent ; even where the employer pays the legal fees.

Emma Reed

Emma, who is an experienced commercial solicitor, is able to advise employees who have been invited to enter into a settlement agreement with their employer.

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