Abuse Claims

Our award winning team of specialist abuse lawyers are recommended by the independent Legal 500 publication. We operate nationwide and work on a No Win – No Fee basis and have helped numerous abuse survivors recover the compensation they deserve.

We can assist with claims against individuals as well as a range of institutions such as schools, churches and local authorities. We will listen to your story with patience and treat you with respect, compassion and sensitivity.
We understand that victims of abuse often repress experiences until adulthood and we are experienced in dealing with cases involving historic abuse. We also appreciate how hard it can be for survivors to approach a solicitor or reveal the full details of their case to a stranger. We therefore aim to make the process as simple and as painless as possible.

We operate a FREE Abuse Helpline which abuse survivors can call in complete confidence and without obligation. We also have a separate website dedicated to abuse law which contains more detailed information about this highly specialised area of law.

Specialist abuse lawyers

Our lawyers are specialists in abuse law and are familiar with the legal complexities that can arise in this niche area. Our expertise has led to us being recommended by the prestigious Legal 500 directory.

Abuse lawyer Rachel Thain, is an ambassador for Enough Abuse UK. She and her colleague Elizabeth Duncan also support the NSPCC, and the firm has won the NSPCC’s Childhood Champion Award for Corporate Partner of the Year for South West and Channel Islands 2018.

Lawyers with a national profile

Our lawyers are regularly consulted by the media on issues of abuse law. We have appeared on live ITV News and Sky News broadcasts covering abuse stories. In the print we have been featured on the front page of The Sunday Times and in The Guardian.

Funding your claim

We have a number of flexible funding options, including our popular No Win – No Fee scheme, so fear of legal costs should never deter an abuse survivor seeking justice.

Areas of Specialism:

Some abuse claims are made against the individual perpetrator, which is always an option when the abuser has the means to pay compensation. When the abuser does not have sufficient finances to do so claims can be pursued against any organisation that was responsible for safeguarding the victim. This includes schools, churches, youth organisations, employers and any other organisation that owes the victim a duty of care. And because they are usually insured they are therefore able to meet a compensation award.
Where compensation cannot be recovered from the abuser or an institution responsible for safeguarding the victim we may be able to claim recompense from the government under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, also known as the CICA.
Children who, under the care of a local authority, should be safe but sometimes they become the victims of abuse. Authorities do not always act as quickly as they should. This can result in them leaving vulnerable children in dangerous situations. When this leads to abuse occurring the Local Authority can be held liable for failing to remove the child.
Many of the cases we deal with involve allegations of historic abuse. Although strict deadlines apply to mainstream compensation claims, the rules relating to abuse are a little more lenient. If you have been the victim of abuse in the past then you may still be able to recover compensation. But don’t delay any further. Contact us as soon as you can.

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