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If your employment is being terminated, your employer may ask you to enter into a settlement agreement, sometimes known as compromise agreement or a COT3 agreement. This may be a for a number of reasons. For example, your employer might be willing to pay a sum in addition to your contractual notice or statutory redundancy. Alternatively, it may be in settlement of a claim for unfair treatment, discrimination, abuse, unfair or constrictive dismissal.

It is a legal contract between you and your employer that will bind you both in the future and prevent you from taking a case to the employment tribunal. It is therefore essential to take your own independent legal advice from a settlement agreement solicitor before signing it.

Your employer must make a payment towards your legal costs so that you can take independent advice on the terms, unless they want you to retain the right to take your case to the employment tribunal.

Specialist settlement agreement solicitor, Emma Reed, can advise you, quickly, professionally and efficiently either online or in person. She will recover her fees from your employer, so there will be no cost to you.

Emma will independently advise you on the terms of the settlement agreement and explain what it will mean for you in plain English. She will also negotiate any changes required and when the settlement agreement has been finalised she will send her invoice direct to your employer.

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