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Jen qualified as a solicitor in 2010, having joined Slee Blackwell as a trainee in 2008. She has been working in our criminal and family law departments since she qualified and has dealt with thousands of criminal and family cases during this time.

Post-nuptial agreements

Having previously dealt with pre-nuptial agreements, divorce solicitor Jen Law now looks at post-nuptial agreements. What are post-nuptial agreements? A post-nuptial agreement is a contract that parties can enter into after they have begun their marriage or civil partnership. The purpose of a post-nuptial agreement is to set out what should happen in relation to

Adopting a stepchild

In this article we look at the legal process of adopting a stepchild. It is worth bearing in mind at the outset that if the ‘stepparent’ is not actually married to the child’s biological parent then technically they are not a stepparent and so they have limited legal options. If the stepparent is married to

The legal rights of unmarried fathers

Jen Law, who heads up Slee Blackwell’s Family Law team, contrasts the rights of unmarried fathers with the rights of married dads.

What is the difference between marriage and civil partnership?

The difference between marriage and civil partnership explained The basics A marriage is a formalised partnership between two individuals which is initiated by a ceremony conforming to specific, often religious, requirements and involving spoken vows. A marriage can be ended through the process of divorce via a Conditional Order and Final Order. While a civil

Three top tips for starting the divorce process

Divorce solicitor Jen Law shares her three top tips for people who are about to start the divorce process.

Guidance for separated parents with children

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Disputes over finances in a divorce

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Do I need a solicitor to deal with ‘no fault’ divorce?

While you may not need to engage a solicitor to deal with a ‘no fault’ divorce, our lawyers are here to provide expert legal advice on the terms of the financial settlement and division of the assets.

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