Carly Sylvester

Carly Sylvester has a first class honours degree in law, and was a winner at the National Personal Injury Awards in 2023.

Can you sue for E Coli?

With the recent outbreak of food poisoning in the national news, we are receiving calls to our legal helpline from people asking, ‘Can you sue for E Coli?’ The answer is that you can sue for E Coli where the infection arose as a result of a third party’s failure to maintain acceptable safety and

Occupational cancer claim

Making an occupational cancer claim. The occurrence of cancer caused by exposure to carcinogens in the workplace is a significant, yet often overlooked public health issue. These cancers can arise from a range of hazardous substances, including chemicals, dust, radiation, and other physical agents encountered in various occupational settings. While much attention is given to

coeliac illness compensation

coeliac illness on holiday

We have succeeded in making a coeliac illness compensation claim against a holiday company for inadequate food labelling. Award-winning personal injury lawyer, Carly Sylvester, has succeeded in winning a holiday sickness claim at trial. Her client, who for confidentiality reasons we shall refer to as Mr C, booked a package holiday to Turkey. Mr C

compensation for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Case study of a successful claim for compensation for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyer Carly Sylvester, a winner at the 2023 National Personal Injury Awards, has concluded a successful claim for a wedding coordinator who was injured while at work. Her client was employed by a wedding venue and made responsible for showing prospective couples

Claims for silica exposure

To find out where you stand on claiming compensation for silicosis or any other silica related condition, contact our free legal helpline.

Burns caused by beauty treatments

If you have suffered burns after receiving a beauty treatment and would like to know if you can claim compensation, then contact us by phone or email for a free case assessment.

Compensation for an allergic reaction

We deal with allergic reaction claims nationwide and can work on a no win, no fee basis. Contact us for a free assessment of your case.

Hit and run compensation claims

If you have been injured it a hit and run accident and want to claim compensation then contact our legal helpline for a free case assessment by calling us on 0333 888 0404 or sending us an email.

COVID and the law

COVID and the law A failure by employers to take reasonable steps to protect their workforce or follow government recommendations could result in them becoming legally liable. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our understanding of the virus was more limited than it is today, and the issue of what safety procedures should be

Making a Covid-19 claim

Can I make a Covid-19 claim? The coronavirus pandemic has stretched to almost every country in the world. The UK  has suffered particularly high rates of infection and, unfortunately, many fatalities. A heavy burden has been placed on employers to ensure that their employees remain safe. This includes allowing them to work from home wherever