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Slee Blackwell’s specialist negligent cosmetic surgery team succeed in recovering compensation in another botched rhinoplasty claim

Following on from earlier rhinoplasty and nose-job successes (including a botched rhinoplasty claim that was settled out of court in 2016, details of which can be found here) cosmetic surgery lawyer Oliver Thorne has now recovered compensation totaling £30,000 plus costs for another victim of a negligent rhinoplasty procedure.

4 botched rhinoplasty claims against the same surgeon

Oliver has in fact acted in no less than six botched rhinoplasty claims against the same surgeon.

In this latest claim to be concluded against that surgeon the victim had asked to have the dorsal hump in her nose reduced as she felt it was too large. She wanted her nose to have a smaller, more curved appearance.

Following the procedure, the patient attended her six-week review where she raised concerns about the appearance of her dorsal hump. In addition to her dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of her nose, she also expressed worries about her breathing. She complained that it felt as though she could not breathe through one of her nostrils.

She was seen by another consultant and was later referred to an ENT surgeon who confirmed that the breathing difficulties were due to the rhinoplasty procedure. She was diagnosed as suffering from both a nasal and septum deviation to the left and a nasal drip.

As time passed, the patient continued to suffer from headaches, breathing difficulties, a dry mouth, anterior and posterior nasal discharge and crusting in the left nostril; all of which are common symptoms of a nasal blockage.

She was seen by further surgeons and ENT specialists who confirmed that the breathing difficulties were as a result of the left nasal and septum deviation. Examination by way of fibre-optic nasendoscopy revealed a nasal obstruction.

Making a botched rhinoplasty claim on a No Win, No Fee basis

The woman decided to take legal action. She spoke to Oliver who agreed to take on her case, offering to fund it on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We established that further surgery would be required to ease her symptoms, including a formal septoplasty to enable the septum to be straightened, thereby improving her nasal airway and reduce her nasal drip. She would also need to undergo an external septorhinoplasty to reduce the dorsal hump on her nose to achieve the aesthetic outcome she requested in her initial consultation.

Faced with the botched rhinoplasty claim the lawyers representing the negligent surgeon decided to seek an out of court settlement. After lengthy negotiations between legal representatives, Oliver succeeded in concluding a deal that would give our client compensation of £30,000, plus her legal costs.

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