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Our client consulted a cosmetic surgeon regarding a rhinoplasty procedure in 2013. She specifically asked him not to reduce the size and profile of her nose and discussed in great detail what her expectations of the surgery were.

The cosmetic surgeon agreed that he could provide the look she wanted and advised her that she needed septoplasty as her nose was deviated.

On the day of the surgery in January 2014 the cosmetic surgeon went through the consent process with our client and she signed the required medical consent form. However, when a fortnight later the cast was removed from her nose our client was immediately distressed by the outcome of the surgery.

She was unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of her nose. The tip of her nose had been rotated rather than de-rotated as agreed.

However her concerns didn’t just relate to the cosmetic appearance of her nose. As a consequence of the surgery the bridge of her nose had been dramatically reduced and this was affecting her breathing. She was unable to blow her nose and had to clean it with a Q-tip throughout the day.

Our client was understandably devastated and consulted a specialist ENT surgeon. The specialist advised her that cartilage had been positioned too far into her nose. This was restricting her ability to breath and explained why she could no longer blow her nose.

Our specialist cosmetic surgery solicitors were therefore consulted. It was clear that the cosmetic surgeon had not performed the surgery to an adequate standard. We therefore agreed to bring a medical negligence cosmetic surgery claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Following an exchange of pre-action correspondence we entered into negotiations with the cosmetic surgeon’s lawyers, and an out of court settlement was later reached in the sum of £40,000.

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