Somerset Butcher Hawker Jailed for Historic Sex Abuse

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A Somerset man has been found guilty of two counts of historic rape of a girl under the age of 13 years. Christopher Hawker, a butcher from Taunton, has been sentenced to a lengthy prison term for the offences.

Widely regarded locally as a family man, 42 year old Hawker did not have to face the consequences of his abuse for many years. Through a combination of grooming and fear, his unnamed victim suffered in silence with the psychological consequences of the abuse. For many years, she was unable to speak about her experiences and carried the burden of Hawker’s sickening assaults alone. However, with the right help and support she was able to speak to the police and bring her abuser to justice.

Rachel Thain, specialist abuse lawyer at Slee Blackwell Solicitors’ Taunton office, comments:-
“As well as the remarkable bravery of the victim, what stands out in this case is the positive feedback regarding the sensitive and supportive help provided by the police, the Court and other local services. We act for victims of abuse all over the country and I’m particularly pleased to hear such excellent reviews for the people who provide services to abuse victims in our own locality.”

“Bringing your abuser to justice will always be a difficult thing to do, but victims can take comfort in knowing that they will be provided with the best possible support from those experienced in dealing with such sensitive matters. I hope this story will encourage other victims to come forward so they no longer have to suffer in silence and bear the burden of the abuse alone.”

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