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A decision in the French courts has created an opportunity for women who missed out on the first wave of PIP compensation claims to finally seek justice.

STOP PRESS: October 2018 ruling means that we are now able to take on new PIP claims

Since 2012 we have recovered significant sums of money for victims of the PIP scandal. This has seen us teaming up with lawyers in France in order to pursue claims there on behalf of women in the UK.

It was thought that no new PIP claims would be allowed, but the French courts have now indicated that a further group of PIP claimants will be entitled to pursue claims.

Head of Slee Blackwell’s PIP claim team, Oliver Thorne, welcomed the decision: “This is fantastic news for the women who unfairly missed out on compensation the first time round. All victims of this horrendous scandal deserve justice and I’m looking forward to helping another group of women recover deserved compensation through the French courts.”

Those who have been following the PIP story will know that it was discovered in 2010 that French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) had been making breast implants with substandard, industrial-grade silicone. In 2012 a UK study reported that PIP implants had double the rupture rates of other implants that were being used at the time by surgeons all over the world. It has been reported that the silicone gel contained within the implants can cause medical problems if the implant leaks or ruptures. Thousands of women have suffered from both physical and psychological side effects of having these implants and countless numbers have had to undergo the ordeal of revision surgery. In January 2017 the commercial court in Toulon, France, ordered TUV Rheinland, one of the companies that certified the implants, to pay compensation to women affected by PIP implants.

Anyone who has suffered as a result of PIP breast implants and has not previously made a PIP claim is invited to contact our FREE PIP CLAIM HELPLINE on 0808 139 1606 for further guidance and details of our No Win – No Fee funding scheme.