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Slee Blackwell welcomes French court’s ruling that gives hope to UK PIP breast implant victims

Important TUV 5 PIP Implant Claims Update: July 2021

We are no longer accepting new clients under the TUV 5 wave of PIP claims.

Other firms may still be taking on new TUV 5 clients and we would recommend that you make urgent enquiries if you want your claim to be considered.

We do not know whether there will be a TUV 6 group in the future, but we will post news on this when a decision has been made.

Campaigning PIP lawyer, Oliver Thorne, was in Paris yesterday (10th October 2018) to hear the verdict of France’s highest court on the faulty breast implant scandal.

Oliver, a partner in our medical negligence department, was delighted when he received news of the court’s decision to overturn an earlier ruling which looked to have closed down any prospect of PIP victims throughout the world receiving justice.

The French court’s judgement means that the hundreds of women in the UK who Oliver is representing will be now be able to pursue their claims for compensation. It also opens the door to other British women who thought they had missed out on the chance to recover damages.

The PIP scandal originally hit the headlines when the manufacturer of the implants, French company Poly Implant Prothese, was convicted of fraud. However, its victims were left without recourse to compensation when the company went bankrupt.

The struggle for justice therefore turned to TUV Rheinland, a German products-testing company. Oliver and his legal counterparts in PIPA have been arguing in the French courts that the implants should never have been certified.

Yesterday’s landmark ruling has therefore been greeted by victims worldwide and Oliver is relishing the next round of the battle to ensure his clients in the UK and all other victims of this scandal finally receive the compensation they deserve.

Oliver commented:

” This ruling is tremendous news for all women who received the faulty implants. I am working closely with colleagues in France and around Europe to ensure that victims here in Britain are fully compensated for the nightmare they have had to endure.”

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