North Devon car crash victim awarded £750,000

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£750,000 compensation for North Devon car crash victim

“I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you have done for me, and my family, over the last few years.  You have been wonderful, held my hand at every step of the way, and put up with a fair few “freak outs” from me when it all got a little too much. I cannot express what your help and support has meant to me, and to get the result we did, WOW, just incredible.  I’m so glad you helped me hold my nerve at the points I felt I couldn’t take much more.”


We have recently concluded a personal injury claim for a North Devon woman was seriously injured in a  high speed car crash near Braunton.

Accident lawyer Elizabeth Duncan recovered compensation in excess of three quarters of a million pounds for the woman.

Our client suffered extensive injuries in the accident, including two broken legs, two broken arms, broken ribs, a broken sternum, a broken jaw and various soft tissue injuries. In addition to her physical injuries she also suffered a psychological reaction to the accident.

The road accident left her with lifelong disabilities and this inevitably impacted on her ability to work and earn her living. She also encountered access problems at her home. She lives in a Victorian house on a steep hill with steps up to the entrance. This meant she was unable to leave her house without assistance.

After a hard fought battle the insurers of the other vehicle involved in the accident agreed to an out of court settlement of just over £750,000. This included an amount of money that is sufficient to allow our client to move to a bungalow which will give her the maximum possible independence for the rest of her life.

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