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Lawyer Elizabeth Duncan offers legal help for rape victims nationwide.


Specialising in abuse law, Elizabeth provides a free legal advice service to rape victims on a national basis. Call her in confidence on freephone 0808 139 1606 or send an email to her at e[email protected]


Elizabeth is experienced in identifying the legal options open to victims to seek compensation, either through the government’s CICA criminal injury compensation scheme or by making a legal claim in the county court against the attacker or any other party which has legal responsibility, such as an employer.

Says Elizabeth:

‘It’s not just about the money. Making a claim enables people to take control and the process can enable them to achieve closure. Obviously money alone cannot turn back the clock, but it can be used positively. For instance, when we negotiate a compensation package we can include a claim for the money required to fund specialist counselling and therapy that is not freely available on the NHS.’

Elizabeth has an excellent track record and is able to offer legal help for rape victims wherever they are in the country. She understands the concerns that people have about making a legal claim and is always happy to take it slowly so that the claimant does not feel pressurised or stressed by the process.

Funding a legal claim can also be a worry. However, Elizabeth offers initial guidance free of charge and if she is able to help then she can do so on a no win, no fee basis. Concerns about legal costs therefore should not put anyone off seeking justice.

Obviously all enquiries are dealt with in complete confidence. Elizabeth and her team can be trusted to ensure that no personal details will be released without your agreement. And if you do not wish to give your name when you first make contact then that’s absolutely fine.

So, if you are looking for solicitors who offer legal help for rape victims then call Elizabeth on our free helpline, 0808 139 1606. Alternatively you can email Elizabeth at [email protected]