Compensation for failed face lift and brow lift

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Our client consulted a private cosmetic surgeon at Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

The surgeon recommended that a mini face lift and an Endotyne brow lift be carried out and advised on what his fee for the procedure would be.

The operation was arranged to take place on 24th October 2012. It was performed at the Springfield Hospital.

On 4th February 2013 our client was reviewed by the cosmetic surgeon who concluded that the Endotyne procedure had not elevated the brows laterally as much as the surgeon had intended. It was therefore agreed that our client would undergo a mini TAC procedure.

In November 2013, following the mini TAC procedure, the client returned to see the cosmetic surgeon as one of the hitch stitches in the brow had become infected. The decision was made to remove this and also to release a tethering suture above the left eyebrow. Antibiotics were prescribed.

However our client remained unhappy with the outcome of her face lift procedure as it have failed to achieve the effect she had discussed with her cosmetic surgeon prior to undergoing surgery. She was also unhappy that the brow lift procedure had left her face looking asymmetrical.

We were therefore retained to act as lawyers on a No Win, No Fee basis to pursue a claim for cosmetic surgery compensation.

Following negotiations an out of court settlement was reached with the lawyers representing the cosmetic surgeon.