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We have recently won £50,000 compensation for a man who suffered serious injury in an accident at Butlins


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Our client, DC, was holidaying with friends at Butlins in Bognor Regis. Whilst in the swimming pool, a group of people were throwing a large inflatable ball around. They were asked by the lifeguard to stop as it was unsafe, but they ignored the lifeguard and continued playing with the inflatable. Suddenly, DC was struck on the head by the ball. He felt significant pain to his neck  and knew that a serious injury had occurred.

We agreed to take on his case and pursue a compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. When we presented the claim to Butlins they admitted they had been at fault and agreed to pay him compensation. However, we did not want to rush the settlement of the claim as we felt that DC’s injuries may be more severe than initially thought and the subsequent medical reports proved that we were right.

He had extensive physiotherapy, as well as a facet nerve injection and medication. There was significant input from medical experts throughout the case to ensure he received all the help he needed. As well as physical injuries, it appeared to us that DC was also suffering psychological symptoms. An assessment by a clinical psychologist confirmed this and further treatment was recommended to help and support DC for these issues.

We wanted to ensure that DC received the very best care and treatment to aid his recovery. Once the medical experts had confirmed exactly what DC needed, we asked Butlins to fund the treatment he required on a private basis. Butlins agreed and DC received treatment costing over £10,000.

After extensive negotiations and with input from a specialist personal injury barrister, the claim was settled out of court for a compensation package totalling £50,000.

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