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Listen to inspirational abuse lawyer Elizabeth Duncan at a free online event


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Elizabeth Duncan, one of the lawyers behind Slee Blackwell’s popular free legal helpline for abuse survivors will be one of the speakers at a forthcoming event arranged by WLAM.

WLAM (Women Lawyers & Mothers) is a network of female lawyers who support each other in career progression through sharing experiences, networking and learning opportunities.

Elizabeth will join a range of other inspirational female lawyers from various areas of the law at the online event on 17 September 2020 which has the theme of  ‘routes into law and overcoming obstacles’.

This is a free event, though registration is essential. You can register here:-

The event will be held via Zoom to enable as many people as possible to hear these motivational stories. The group hopes that other women will feel inspired and empowered to pursue their own dreams.

Elizabeth, who works in the emotionally challenging area of abuse law, will talk about her own route into the legal profession as well as some of the obstacles she has faced.

Elizabeth, who is now a partner with Slee Blackwell Solicitors, took a less than traditional route into law, initially studying history at university with a view to becoming a teacher. When she realised this was not the career for her after all, she temped following graduation, luckily finding herself being sent to a solicitor’s office to do some short term admin work. This was the turning point for Elizabeth who found her niche and then qualified as a lawyer via the CILEX route, combining full time work with part time study.

We do hope that you will be able to join Elizabeth and others on the 17 September 2020.

Slee Blackwell’s free abuse legal helpline can be called on 0808 139 1606. Alternatively you can email us in confidence at [email protected]