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What happens if an executor dies?

What happens if an executor dies during the administration of a loved one’s estate? We take a look at the legal implications that arise when an executor passes away before the administration of an estate has been finished. Before the Grant of Probate has been applied for If an executor sadly passes away before a

What should I do if I’m contacted by heir hunters?


People often ask us, ‘What should I do if I’m contacted by heir hunters?’ A lot of people may have watched Heir Hunters on television. It is a series following the work of probate researchers as they look for the heirs of people who have died without a Will, leaving large sums of money unclaimed.

What if someone dies without a Will?

rules of intestacy

What if someone dies without a Will? We look at how the Rules of Intestacy operate. Did you know that according to The National Wills Report, published in March 2023, only 44% of adults in the UK have a Will in place? If someone dies without a Will then that person is said to have

What does a Will cost?

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