Work related skin cancer: Can I claim compensation?

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Occupational skin cancer on the rise

The number of work related skin cancer cases in rising alarmingly. As a result health professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers posed to workers, particularly those in certain high-risk occupations. Skin cancer prevention is consequently moving towards the top of the agenda with plenty of good quality information and resources being made available on line by organisations such as the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence – see for instance

Help is also available for those who have already developed occupational skin cancer. As well as accessing specialist medical assistance victims may wish to consider whether they are entitled to seek legal redress by claiming compensation from their current or former employers.

Liability of employers for work related skin cancer

An employer owes a duty of care to ensure that their employees do not suffer injury or illness while at work. This duty extends to the risks associated with skin cancer arising as a result of exposure to carcinogenic substances, radiation and sunlight. Employers (no matter how large or how small) therefore have a legal responsibility to provide adequate safeguards and protection to their workforce. If they fail in this duty then they can leave themselves open to legal liability should skin cancer arise as a result of their failings.

Workers most at risk of developing skin cancer

There is a range of substances that are known to be harmful and which have been linked to skin cancer. These include but are not limited to asphalt, parafin wax, coal tar and soot.

Outdoor workers are particularly at risk from forms of skin cancer that are associated with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Occupations such as construction and road workers, gardeners, sailors and fishermen have all been highlighted as high-risk jobs, but basically any occupation which involves outdoor work is likley to have some risk attached to it.

Claiming compensation for work related skin cancer on a No Win – No Fee basis

So, if you or a loved one have been affected by skin cancer and you wish to know where you stand in relation to seeking compensation then call our FREE legal helpline for a no obligation review of your potential claim.

Where we feel that legal liability arises we will deal with the skin cancer compensation claim on a no win, no fee basis. This offers victims the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they won’t be obliged to pay us a penny if the claim is not successful.

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