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Slee Blackwell’s head of Personal Injury, James McNally, has been approached by the BBC to assist with an ongoing investigation into accidents involving mobility scooters.

Figures previously released by the Department of Transport showed that there were 4 reported incidents involving mobility scooters per week and although MPs have previously raised the issue of making driving tests for mobility scooters compulsory no such legislation has yet been passed.

James and his team at Slee Blackwell have dealt with a number of mobility scooter related accidents, some of them involving serious injury. It was for this reason the BBC wanted their input. However, as James explained, the victim’s legal position is far from straightforward when it comes to recovering compensation:

“The problem that we often find is that either the mobility scooter driver who caused the injury has failed to stop or it becomes apparent that they do not have insurance and are therefore not in a position to pay compensation to their victims.”

Mobility scooters are not classed as motor vehicles and while insurance is available on the market it is not compulsory. We find that very few mobility scooter users take out such policies.

It can be devastating for a victim of a mobility scooter accident to discover that regardless of the seriousness of their injuries there is little point in proceeding with a claim becaiuse the scooter owner has no insurance. James says:

“It is obviously a contentious issue as mobility scooters offer a chance for many vulnerable and otherwise housebound people to get out and about and enjoy their freedom. However with no regulation of who can drive a scooter and no control over what training they receive accidents will always happen. And without adequate insurance in place victims will inevitably lose out.”

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