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We have succeeded in recovering compensation from the MOD for a man who was injured by a low flying aircraft.

Our client worked on a dairy farm in North Devon as a herdsman. As he was tending to cattle in a barn an MOD aircraft flew overhead. The aircraft was flying very low and the noise and vibrations spooked the cattle. The herd stampeded and as a result he was trampled.

The herdsman sustained multiple injuries as a result of the incident, including damage to his knee and back. He was treated at North Devon Hospital where he underwent surgery to his knee. He was unable to work for many weeks after the accident.

Our client reported the incident to the MOD. He then contacted us about making a compensation claim. We agreed to take the case on under a No Win, No Fee agreement and set about investigating the claim with a view to helping him recover compensation for his injuries, lost earnings and treatment costs.

We sent a formal Claim Notification Form to the MOD alleging that their low flying aircraft had caused the accident.

The MOD said that while they would not formally admit legal responsibility for causing the accident they would compensate our client.

We then arranged for him to be examined by an independent orthopaedic surgeon who prepared a medical report on the extent of the injuries that had been caused by the stampeding cattle. The orthopaedic surgeon also set out what medical treatment was needed.

In addition we gathered information about our client’s financial losses, including treatment costs, lost earnings and travel expenses.

Following a period of negotiation with the MOD we were able to recover a sum of compensation from them. Our client was very pleased with the outcome.

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