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We have recently won £20,000 compensation for a North Devon woman who was knocked over by a dog


Our award winning team specialise in injury claims involving dogs. If you have been knocked over by a dog then contact us for a free case assessment and details of No Win, No Fee funding. Call freephone 0808 139 1606 or email us at [email protected]


Being knocked over by a dog is more common that many people think. The resulting injuries can be very serious too. Broken legs, ankles and wrists are all typical and in some cases the injury can be life changing.

Victims of these accidents are usually people who are just enjoying a walk in their local park or on the beach. Many tell a similar story. They are walking along when completely out of the blue they are knocked over by a dog.

The victims we see are often elderly. This is mainly because the elderly are more susceptible to serious injury when they are knocked off their feet, but younger people can also be injured in this way.

These cases are not straightforward from a legal point of view and are often strongly defended by dog owners and their insurers. This is because we have to prove that the dog owner was responsible for the incident and it isn’t as simple as saying that they should have had their dog under better control.

One of the key requirements is showing that the dog owner should have known there was a risk of their dog knocking someone over.  This can be tricky, especially if we do not have any information about the dog’s previous behaviour. However, you don’t have to show that the owner knew that their dog could knock someone over. It is sufficient that the owner knew that dogs in general knock people over and were therefore aware of the risk.

We specialise in dog and animal injuries and have recently negotiated a compensation settlement of £20,000 for a North Devon pensioner who who was knocked to the ground by a dog being exercised off lead while she was standing talking to a friend.

If you have been knocked over by a dog and suffered injury then contact us now for a free case assessment and details of our No Win, No Fee funding option. Call freephone 0808 139 1606 or email us at [email protected]