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We recover £97,000 compensation for pedestrian hit by a car

Our client was 86 years old at the time of her accident. She had been walking to her regular bingo night in a large village in County Durham. It was a dark and rainy evening. She crossed the road and had reached the other side when a car heading towards the same venue, turned in without looking and knocked her over. Her head hit the car windscreen and she landed on the road.

An ambulance was immediately called and her husband was fetched from their nearby home. She was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The doctors discovered she had suffered severe, multiple injuries to her spine, pelvis and legs. She had also suffered a bleed on the brain.

It was while she was still recovering in hospital that her husband contacted our free legal helpline. We explained what was involved in making a compensation claim and agreed to deal with matters on a No Win – No Fee basis.

We requested details of the accident from the police as our client, understandably, did not have details of the car that hit her. Unfortunately, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the police had a huge backlog and were unable to provide their report immediately. We therefore pressed on with obtaining evidence to ensure that we would be able to progress the claim as quickly as possible when we had the defendant’s details.

After some time in the Royal Victoria Infirmary our client was transferred to a local hospital to continue her recovery, before ultimately being able to return home with support from her husband, social services and paid carers.

We arranged for her to be examined by an independent orthopaedic surgeon. He confirmed that as a result of this accident, her loss of independence (that would have been expected with age) had been brought forward by 5 years.

She was continuing to suffer from headaches as well as having difficulties with her memory and concentration. We therefore arranged for her to be assessed by an independent neurologist who confirmed there was a risk of developing post-traumatic epilepsy.

As well as her physical injuries, our client had suffered psychologically as a result of the accident. She now had low mood, anxiety and intrusive memories. We arranged for her to be assessed by an independent psychologist who made treatment recommendations to help her adjust to the changes to her life caused by the accident.

We prepared detailed costings of all the treatment and care she would now need so that this could be factored into the compensation package.

At this point the police were finally able to confirm the driver’s details and we sent a formal Letter of Claim. The other driver responded, expressing her enormous regret at the catastrophic affect her inattention had caused. She said she had voluntarily surrendered her license and passed all the information to her insurers.

Her insurers quickly conceded legal liability, so it was then simply a question of agreeing a suitable level of compensation.

Following a period of negotiation we ultimately settled the claim for £97,000. While it doesn’t turn back the clock, this money will enable our client to move into supported independent living and ensure that her final years are as comfortable as possible.

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