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We specialise in claiming care home fees where funding has been wrongly refused. In this article we look at what is involved in making a claim for care home fees.


What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Continuing Healthcare (or CHC) is care funded by the NHS to people with complex healthcare needs who are not being looked after in hospital.

CHC is usually delivered in a care home setting, but can also be provided by a hospice or in a patient’s own home. 

Eligibility for Continuing Healthcare

To be eligible for CHC the patient’s main need for care must relate to their health.

The assessment of their health need can be highly controversial and this is where many disputes arise.

Applying for Continuing Healthcare

The NHS will carry out an assessment, known as a screening checklist, to establish if a patient is eligible for CHC funding. A patient can request an assessment themselves. Family members or carers can also seek an assessment.

The patient will then either undergo a full assessment or will be told they are not eligible for NHS continuing healthcare.

A Personal Health Budget

Those eligible for funding can have a personal health budget, with money being paid to the patient by the NHS to enable them meet their healthcare needs. This gives the patient a greater choice of care.

Payments can be made direct to the patient or to a third party.

Appealing a Continuing Healthcare decision

If a patient (or a family member/carer) disagrees with the NHS funding decision they can appeal.

If an appeal is upheld the patient will be reimbursed for any care fees paid during periods they were entitled to receive continuing healthcare funding.

This is sometimes referred to as a redress payment.

How we can help you with claiming care home fees

Continuing Healthcare funding is a complex area. Many people whose applications for funding are turned down consult specialist lawyers like us for advice on challenging the NHS decision.

We are happy to provide free initial guidance. If we feel we can assist then we will let you know what steps can be taken and how the legal fees can be funded – including our popular No Win, No Fee scheme.

For help with claiming care home fees call 0808 139 1606, email details of your case to [email protected] or complete our dedicated Continuing Healthcare Questionnaire.