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A women who was injured in a car park accident wins compensation.

Buying a new car is usually a pleasurable experience, but it turned into a disaster for our client who ended up suffering multiple injuries resulting from a car park accident.

She and her husband had left their car in the car park of a motor dealer while they looked at the vehicles on sale. However, when they went to return to their car she tripped on a railway sleeper. The woman had not seen the sleeper due to the lack of lighting in the car park. As a result of her trip she fell over and sustained multiple injuries, including severe injuries to her face.

As her facial injuries were so bad the woman called our free accident helpline. We advised her that if her trip had been caused by the motor dealer’s failure to ensure that their car park was adequately lit and safe for customers to use then she would be entitled to bring a claim against the company. After seeing photographs of the accident scene and looking at the position of the sleeper that caused her to trip we agreed to take the case on a No Win – No Fee basis.

Our judgement was correct and after submitting a formal claim to the car dealership the company’s insurers provided an admission of liability.

Arrangements were made for our client to be seen by a medical expert so that a report could be prepared on her injuries. This report, which was then disclosed to the insurers, contained a recommendation that our client receive specialist medical treatment to enable her to make a full recovery.

The insurers  put forward an out of court settlement offer of £8,000. Whilst our client thought the offer was acceptable we noted that it didn’t make proper provision to fund the medical treatment that had been recommended by the expert. Following negotiations we persuaded the insurers to increase their offer to £10,000, plus legal costs. Our client was satisfied with this amount and asked us to accept the offer on her behalf.

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