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Dog bite injury solicitor on TV

James McNally, the ‘go to’ solicitor on dog bite injury claims, recently appeared on a popular TV show to discuss the growing problem of dog attacks in the UK.

The programme, “Where there’s a blame, there’s a claim”, aired on Channel 5 on 25 October. It featured the story of Stuart Briggs from Derby whose finger was ripped off by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier while he was trying to protect his own dog, a three year old Labrador.

The dog’s owner was prosecuted and found guilty. He was fined just £5,000 and ordered to pay by instalments of £10 a fortnight, meaning it will be over 20 years before Stuart receives his money.

Commenting on the show James said, “because of our expertise in the area of dog attacks and dog bite claims I was invited to take part in the show and discuss Stuart’s experiences. Stuart has been left in constant pain and suffers “electric shocks” due to nerve damage. He’s also been badly affected psychologically and is in constant fear of another attack.”

“The owner was fined as part of the criminal proceedings, but the award really doesn’t reflect the true value of Stuart’s injuries and because he is uninsured Stuart has not been able to pursue a civil compensation claim. Unfortunately what he’s been through is something we see on a daily basis. No matter how serious the injury, if a dog owner is uninsured then it reduces the possibility of recovering a proper level of compensation for the victim.”

James’ expertise has also been highlighted in the latest edition of The Legal 500, the highly influential and independent guide to the legal profession. He was praised for his work on behalf of dog attack victims and his ‘in-depth knowledge’ of the law.

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