Torrington accident victim wins compensation at trial

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A Torrington rugby fan has secured compensation for personal injury that he suffered in a London pub.

The Torrington accident victim was at the ‘Barmy Arms’ in Twickenham with his family, having a quiet pint after watching a rugby match.  He went to use the gents and slipped on water on the floor, suffering tendon damage to his right knee.

He asked us to make a no win – no fee compensation claim against the pub and we agreed to take the case on.

The pub’s insurers defended the claim throughout and the case ended up going to trial.

There were two unusual aspects to this compensation claim; the first was the extraordinary behaviour of the landlord of the pub, who tried to manhandle the Torrington accident victim from the premises after he fell and refused to call an ambulance for him, even though he was obviously seriously injured and unable to walk.

The second was the refusal of the pub landlord and his insurers to accept that there had been any liquid at all on the floor, despite us showing them clear photographs of it, taken at the scene of the accident by a witness within minutes of the accident happening.

Frustratingly, the insurers flatly refused to negotiate, which meant we had to take it all the way to a trial. However our persistence paid off. When we were about half-way through the hearing, the defendant’s insurers (presumably sensing they were going to lose) finally agreed to a negotiated settlement, giving the Torrington man the fair compensation we had fought to get for him for over 2 years.

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