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We are specialist stress at work solicitors and experts in recovering compensation for people who have suffered stress, anxiety and depression as a result of their employer’s failure to adequately safeguard them.

Stress at work is major threat to the health of the UK’s workforce. It now accounts for almost half the working days lost due to illness each year.

As a result, the number of stress at work compensation claims is rising. But these cases are not straightforward. Complex legal principles are involved in making a successful claim, so if you are planning on claiming compensation it is important that you seek help from specialist stress at work solicitors.

Our team is experienced in dealing with stress at work compensation claims and lawyer Elizabeth Duncan recently won the prestigious DASLS Legal Hero of the Year award for her dedicated work in this area.

Elizabeth Duncan: Legal Hero of the Year

Elizabeth has helped many employees whose health has suffered as a result of stress at work. One of her clients gave this glowing testimonial:

“I have had outstanding representation from Elizabeth Duncan at Slee Blackwell, and I cannot thank her enough for her support and professionalism. My employment related personal injury case has been successfully settled and this has had a significant positive impact on my life. Dealing with Elizabeth has been an absolute pleasure and she has made an extremely difficult situation bearable. I am so glad I approached Slee Blackwell with my case, they were understanding and efficient. I would highly recommend this firm and Elizabeth Duncan to anyone in need of any similar advice or support. Thank you again to the whole team.”

Because we are specialist stress at work solicitors we are confident of our ability to achieve a successful outcome and are therefore willing to work on a no win, no fee basis. This means that worries about funding legal fees should not put you off seeking justice.

If you are looking for stress at work solicitors to handle your compensation claim then get in touch with us. We deal with claims nationwide, so if you complete our specially designed Work Related Stress Questionnaire and return it to us at [email protected] then we will provide you with a free case assessment.