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A review of the Coughlin Test and its Implications for People with Healthcare Needs

NHS Healthcare provision in the UK is, by law, free and financed out of general taxation. Nevertheless thousands of people in care homes have had their homes and their savings used up to pay for their care.

This seems very unfair since in most cases they were only in the care home in the first place because of their medical needs.

The judgment in Pamela Coughlan’s landmark Court of Appeal case in 1999 established that where a person’s primary need is for healthcare, and that is the reason they were placed in nursing home accommodation, the NHS is responsible for the full cost of the package.

The case centred around a former art teacher, Pamela Coughlan, who had been paralysed as the result of a car accident.

She was living in an NHS institution, Mardon House, in Devon which the health authority wanted to close. Pamela Coughlan faced the prospect of responsibility for her care being transferred from the NHS to the local authority. The case drew a distinction between the extent of the “social care” that local councils provide, which by law is means-tested, and the “health care” which the NHS should provide, free of charge, whatever the setting.

The Coughlan judgement confirmed that if the patient’s need for medical or nursing care was “incidental to,” or “ancillary to” their need for accommodation in a care home then their care could be the responsibility of the local council, and means-tested.

However, if wasn’t, and the patient’s primary need was a health need, then all their care was the responsibility of the NHS, and had to be provided free. That has become known as the “Coughlan test.”

Now residents in care homes who pass the “Coughlan test” should be entitled to receive fully-funded NHS Continuing Care. Furthermore, anyone who satisfies the test is entitled to reclaim the costs that have been paid towards that care.

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