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The Law Society Gazette’s review of the impact of coronavirus on personal injury law highlights Slee Blackwell’s innovative response to the crisis.

The Law Society Gazette is reporting that the Covid-19 crisis is changing the way that solicitors work, with personal injury law being no exception. The Law Society Gazette article, published on 4 May 2020, draws on the experiences of includes extensive quotes from Slee Blackwell’s personal injury practice head, James McNally.

James and his team have reacted swiftly to the pandemic, introducing a radical shakeup to the way we work in order to maintain a full service to their clients. As James told The Law Society Gazette:

“Homeworking, remote hearings, going paperless – all these practices have been talked about for ages but were never a priority. Suddenly, they’ve become a necessity and people have realised they can be done.”

By adapting to the changing circumstances and adopting innovative new strateguies, Slee Blackwell has ensured that it is ‘business as usual’, with new claims and enquiries continuing to come in every day.

And it’s not just the personal injury department who have stepped up to the plate. The firm’s other litigation teams, such as inheritance disputes and professional negligence, have responded in similar fashion.

“At first, we were concerned there would be a slowdown because the courts would delay,” admitted James, “but they’ve adapted very quickly.’ This has allowed litigation to continue and it means that people need have no fear that the crisis will have an adverse impact on their ability to seek justice.

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