Serious lapses in cancer care alleged against hospitals in Devon and Cornwall

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Slee Blackwell Solicitors are currently pursuing three separate medical negligence claims for clients who allege serious failings in their cancer care by experts at hospitals in North Devon and Cornwall.

Disturbingly, two clients allege that their cancers were not diagnosed despite very clear warning symptoms (and in one case, not until a matter of weeks before the patient’s death from that cancer). The other claimant alleges serious failure to correctly “stage” and identify the cancer once diagnosed, which meant the treatment given was useless and would never have combated the disease. In two of these cases, the mistakes were only rectified once the patients had obtained help at specialist cancer units at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, a recognised centre of excellence for cancer treatment.

Medical negligence solicitor, Mike Clarke, who is handling these claims at our Bideford office in North Devon, says: “All cases of failure to diagnose can be very difficult – not only for the client, but also because legally a failure to spot a serious illness does not necessarily mean the doctors have been negligent. The common strand in all these cases is the allegedly poor quality of knowledge of the signs and proper treatment of cancer shown by two of the largest NHS Trusts in Devon and Cornwall. Anecdotal evidence is that such cases are by no means uncommon, which raises serious concerns about the quality of cancer care in the region.”

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