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Runner bitten by a dog wins £11,000 compensation

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A runner bitten by a dog while out running has recovered £11,000 in compensation.

He was taking part in a Great Run Local event in Ashford in Kent when the incident occurred.

As he ran past an Anatolian shepherd dog it turned and bit him on the back of his leg. Another of the runners called an ambulance and the attack was reported to the police.

The runner’s wife contacted the Slee Blackwell helpline about making a compensation claim on her husband’s behalf. We advised that he was entitled to compensation and agreed to deal with the case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

A letter of claim was sent to the owner of the dog who referred it on to his pet insurers.

However, the insurance company was slow to respond. We therefore obtained medical evidence in relation to the runner’s injuries and issued formal court proceedings.

This strategy had the desired effect. The insurers contacted us and an out of court settlement was quickly reached which provided for the runner to receive compensation totaling £11,000.

He was very happy with the outcome. He emailed Jasmine Moxey-Butler, the specialist dog bite lawyer who dealt with his claim, to say, “Thank you, you have been a great help on this journey.”

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