Public prefer solicitors to will-writers

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A survey has confirmed that solicitors are still the publics’ number one choice when it comes to making a will.

The research, carried out by wills charity, Will Aid, found that 62% of people would prefer to use the services of a solicitor to deal with their will.

Although just 12% of respondents would choose a will-writer to make their will this figure is surprisingly high. It no doubt reflects the fact that the general public are broadly unaware that will-writers are permitted to practice without adequate training and are not required to be regulated or insured.

Some people think that will-writers are always cheaper than qualified solicitors. This isn’t necessarily the case. We have encountered many cases where a will-writer’s fee is significantly greater than our own, especially once the hidden ‘extras’ are taken into account.

Using the services of a will-writer can also be a false economy. Our contentious probate department is frequently called upon to sort out situations that have arisen as a result of the actions of unregulated and inadequately trained will-writers.

The number of people opting for a ‘do it yourself’, or ‘off the shelf’ solution is also worryingly high. These budget options might seem attractive, but in the long run it could be money wasted. Trying to save a few pounds on a homemade or standard will can prove to be a false economy. And it’s the will maker’s loved ones who generally suffer as they are left to sort matters out, often at great expense.

Making a will with a solicitor really doesn’t have to break the bank. It is one of the best value services you can obtain from a solicitor and fixed fees are usually available. On the whole the people who use us to make their wills regard our fees as reasonable and value for money.

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