Business as usual for probate during COVID-19

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It’s ‘business as usual’ for probate during COVID-19 at Slee Blackwell Solicitors

Our probate lawyers are maintaining a full service during the COVID-19 crisis and are here to help if you need legal assistance in dealing with a loved one’s affairs.

During these unprecedented times many people have been forced to face up to the reality of a loved one passing away.

It’s always a difficult time, particularly when the event is unexpected and people, quite understandably, are often hesitant about dealing with the legal issues that arise. However, financial and property loose ends can’t be ignored and sooner or later the question of probate will need to be addressed.

When a person dies leaving a Will, the way in which their estate is to be distributed and the appointment of the executor should be clearly set out. However, complications can arise when a person dies without leaving a Will.  In these circumstances the administration and distribution of the estate are fixed by law.  It is a common misconception that the entire estate passes to any surviving spouse.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  The position is further complicated if the assets were in the sole name of the person who has passed away.

Specialist legal assistance is therefore often required to deal with the administration of an estate and the legal issues that surround it. However, many firms of solicitors have been unable to continue working as normal during the crisis, or are unable to assist new clients while the UK remains in lockdown.  Some law firms have closed their premises altogether.

At Slee Blackwell our lawyers are set up to assist new and existing clients remotely.  We pride ourselves on being able to continue to offer a full service for probate during COVID-19 while protecting both the public and our staff.

In addition to offering a full probate service during this time we are also able to offer advice any probate or inheritance disputes which may arise following the death of a loved one, particularly if there is no Will.

If you need help with probate during COVID-19 please contact us on 0808 139 1606. Alternatively send an email to us at [email protected]