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Going through separation and divorce can be very disruptive. It is also a time when strong emotions come to the surface.

A relationship breakdown will involve you in making major life decisions at a time when you are likely to be feeling stressed. Whether they are decisions about your family, your home, your work, your finances or the care and welfare of your children, the consequences are likely to affect you and your family for many years to come.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative law firm, adopting a holistic approach to marital and relationship breakdown. We are therefore able offer our clients access to Personal Life Coaching.

We recognise that while the legal aspects of divorce and separation require the services of an experienced and specialist solicitor, important emotional, practical and solution based support can be provided within a Personal Life Coaching context. We believe this provides an opportunity for a hugely beneficial and rewarding collaboration that has much to offer our clients during an incredibly unsettling time in their lives.

Viv Grant is one such life coach we work with. She is a qualified and experienced life coach who is able to work as an external provider of life coaching to our clients.

Details of the services Viv offers can be found on her website

Viv helps people transform their lives during phases of personal and professional transition by providing a safe relaxed environment in which to critically reflect and engage in informed coaching conversations. Viv enables clients to gain insights into how they may meet and manage their changing needs and those of their family as they transition through separation and divorce.

By asking powerful questions, Viv encourages people to imagine how their life could be lived, supported and resourced by carefully managed actions for change.

Viv offers a free 30 minute introductory discussion to enable clients to find out more about the coaching process and fees.

We will be happy to make a referral for you or alternatively you may contact Viv direct at [email protected]