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James McNally, a specialist No Win, No Fee dog injury claim solicitor, wins another case

Our client, Mrs C, was asked by her employers, a local authority, to inspect a wall near to the Defendants’ property which had been struck by the vehicle of a drunk driver. As she was walking along the road near to the entrance gates of the property, the Defendants opened their front door to put out the bins.  This allowed their dog to escape[pe from the house. It ran up to Mrs C, who was still outside the gates, and bit her leg.

Mrs C attended A&E where she was prescribed antibiotics and had a tetanus injection. The wound was cleaned and dressed and she was told to keep her leg elevated. 

We  were appointed by Mrs C to pursue a No Win, No Fee dog injury claim.

We sent a letter of claim to the dog’s owners. Rather than pass the matter onto their insurers they replied personally. They denied liability, disputing Mrs C’s version of events, but made an offer of £250.00 in settlement of the claim.

The offer was clearly insufficient and was rejected.

The dog’s owners continued to be reluctant to involve their insurers. we therefore began to take steps to gather evidence in support of Mrs C’s claim so that court proceedings could be issued if required.

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and this report was sent to the dog’s owners along with details of Mrs C’s losses and expenses and a realistic offer to settle.

A little later a response was received from representatives of the dog’s owners insurers confirming that they were now investigating.

We entered into negotiations with the insurer’s representatives with a view to concluding the claim without the need to commence court proceedings. This led to an out of court settlement agreement being reached under which Mrs C received a compensation pay-out which was well in excess of the Defendant’s original £250 offer.  

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