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Compensation for negligent gallbladder claim 

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Andrew Wood, a solicitor in our medical negligence department, has recovered compensation totalling £16,500 for a client who became seriously ill after routine gallbladder removal surgery to treat gallstones.

The cause of the his illness was a leakage of bile into the abdomen. This is a known complication of gallbladder removal surgery. It should not cause serious illness, provided the source of the leak is swiftly identified and repaired.

Although our client told the hospital that they was experiencing pain and abdominal swelling a couple of days after the surgery, their symptoms were misinterpreted, as were scan and test results. Our client was therefore discharged from hospital without the leak being treated.

When they returned home they became seriously ill and had to be readmitted to hospital for emergency surgery to repair the leak. After 11 days in hospital the client went on to make a full recovery, but unfortunately remains at an increased risk of complications.

The experience was so distressing for our client that it triggered a serious psychological reaction for which therapy was required.

The health trust responsible acted promptly and fairly in response to the client’s negligent gallbladder claim. An admission of liability was made, a full apology provided, and a fair compensation figure was arrived at soon after medical evidence had been presented by us. The trust’s approach to the case undoubtedly saved significant legal costs being incurred and spared our client unnecessary additional distress.

The claim was dealt with by us on a “no win, no fee” basis by Andrew Wood who has many years’ experience in recovering compensation for people who have suffered injury or bereavement as a result of medical negligence.

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