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Inheritance after divorce: Can I claim against my ex?

If you think you might have an inheritance claim against the estate of your ex husband or ex wife please call our free legal helpline for a case assessment on 0808 139 1606 or send details to us by email at [email protected]

This article focuses upon the claims of former spouses and civil partners. We deal with the inheritance rights of married couples here and unmarried couples here.

Can a former spouse make an inheritance claim against their ex?

The short answer is yes.

A common misconception is that once you divorce, you are no longer able to bring an inheritance claim against your ex’s estate when they die. However, a divorcee remains eligible to bring an inheritance claim against their ex wife’s or ex husband’s estate, so long as they have not remarried.

Claims are often made where ongoing financial support has been provided by the ex wife or ex husband as part of the divorce settlement and that support ends on their death.

The Inheritance Act offers protection even if a couple have started divorce proceedings or completed their divorce years prior to the death.

What if the right to make an inheritance claim is specifically prohibited in the divorce settlement?

Divorce orders often include a restriction that prevents the former spouse making a claim under the Inheritance Act. However, these restrictions are only effective if the right wording has been used. So even where the right to claim inheritance after divorce has been included in a court order it may still be possible to bring a claim.

And as explained below, a claim can sometimes still be made even where the restriction is effective.

What if I live with my ex again after divorce?

It is not uncommon for people to reconcile with their ex after divorce and resume living together. What happens if they never remarry but one of them dies?

In addition to making an inheritance claim as an ex spouse, the surviving partner may also be able to claim as a cohabitee or dependant. The right to claim as a cohabitee or dependant remains even where there is an effective restriction in the divorce order preventing an inheritance claim being made.

The complexity of these legal principles does mean that you should seek advice from specialist inheritance solicitors, as some generalist lawyers will not appreciate the extent to which you may still have a claim against the estate of your ex husband or ex wife.

How we can help with inheritance after divorce claims

To obtain more detailed guidance on inheritance after divorce and whether you have a claim against your ex’s estate under the Inheritance Act then call one of our specialist inheritance team on our free legal helpline of 0808 139 1606 or send details of your case to us at i[email protected]

We can often deal with Inheritance Act claims on a No Win, No Fee basis and can discuss this with you in more detail as part of the free case assessment.