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Have you got a relative who is going into a care home? If so, they may be entitled to free care home funding.

Our lawyers often hear people say ‘the care home funding system is so unfair.’ We empathise with them. Not only does the system feel unfair, it is also complex and confusing at a time when what is most required is transparency and support. If you have a loved one who is going into a care home or who may already be in care, please do not despair, there is support available.

Many charities, such as Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society provide excellent support and are a good starting point. It is also important to obtain independent professional advice to make sure your loved one is getting the financial support they are entitled to receive.

At Slee Blackwell, we have specialist Solicitors who can obtain free funding for care home fees through NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (also known as fully funded care) or CHC for short. If your loved one is in a care home because of their physical or mental health needs, the cost of their care should be the responsibility of the NHS. If they are eligible for CHC, the NHS must pay their care home fees in full, regardless of their savings or ownership of property.

If you believe your loved one should be funded by the NHS and are looking for free legal help then contact us for further details. You can send us an email with an outline of your case or alternatively you can speak on the phone to specialist solicitor Charlotte Mitchell by calling 0808 139 1606. Charlotte will be happy to answer your questions and talk things through with you on a free of charge, no obligation basis.