Diabetes amputation is on the rise

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Compensation for diabetes amputation


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Over 26,00 people in England had an amputation due to diabetes last year. This represents an increase of 14% on the previous year.

Below-the-ankle amputations are a particular threat to people suffering from diabetes, with foot problems accounting for the largest proportion of hospital stays among diabetes sufferers. Diabetes can restrict blood supply to the patient’s legs and feet and reduce the feeling in them. This can then lead to infections and ulcers which can be difficult to treat successfully.

However, the charity, Diabetes UK, has said that four out of five diabetes amputations are preventable with the right support.

The standard of diabetic medical care in England is under the spotlight, with compensation claims being pursued where diabetes patients have suffered as a result of sub-standard or negligent treatment. This includes diabetes amputation claims.

Slee Blackwell medical negligence partner, Oliver Thorne, has commented:

“It almost goes without saying that the NHS does a brilliant job looking after people suffering from diabetes, particularly as the disease is reaching epidemic proportions in this country.

However a significant number of people are being let down by wrong or late diagnoses of the condition or by inappropriate medical treatment.

The consequences for patients can be serious and potentially life changing, especially in cases involving a diabetes amputation.”

Oliver and his team operate a free, nationwide legal helpline for diabetic patients who feel that they have suffered complications due to a failure on the part of health professionals.

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