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Devon clinical negligence lawyer wins birth injury case

Devon clinical negligence lawyer, Oliver Thorne, has settled a claim against Northern Devon Healthcare Trust for their failure to manage the birth of a baby resulting in injuries to both mother and child. The child suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result of the delay in his delivery and his mother suffered a ruptured uterus and psychological injuries.

Oliver was recommended to the family by one of his existing clients and was asked to take both cases over from a large national law firm because of his expertise in this area of law.

Oliver agreed to take the case on which was funded by a no win – no fee agreement.

Within months of taking over the case Oliver secured an admission of liability from the Healthcare Trust.

Northern Devon Healthcare Trust accepted in their Serious Incident Requiring Investigation (SIRI) Report that there was a failure to recognise the seriousness of the Mother’s vital signs/symptoms and deterioration during labour; there was a failure to escalate to a Consultant in line with standard procedure; and there was insufficient communication between the midwives and other staff to ensure a Consultant attended.

Oliver arranged for a substantial interim payment to be made in relation to the child’s case and took active steps to bring the mother’s claim to a conclusion.Expert evidence was obtained to support her claim and after a period of negotiations the mother received £120,000 for the injuries she had suffered.

The separate claim in respect of the child continues and Oliver is collecting evidence relating to the costs and expenses that will be incurred as the child grows older.

Oliver has recently been involved with a BBC investigation into the Maternity Unit at North Devon District Hospital. You can read our own report here or the full article at

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