Compensation Won for Accident Victims Injured at Primark in Romford

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Injury solicitor, Sam Robson, has succeeded in winning compensation for two people who have tripped on defective flooring at Primark’s store in Romford, Essex

We have succeeded in recovering compensation on behalf of two people who suffered accidents at Primark in Romford, Essex.

Both accidents were caused by defective flooring at the store. Whilst these PI claims should have been relatively straightforward, Primark’s insurers initially refused to concede liability for the accidents and forced us to issue court proceedings.

Photographic evidence established that the flooring at the Romford store was in a very poor condition and represented a clear tripping hazard to Primark’s customers. When shopping in a store like Primark, customers are entitled to expect that that they will be safe from injury. Stores know that shoppers will be focussing on the products on sale and not peering at the floor to look for defects, so the flooring needs to be free from defects that could cause people to slip, trip or fall.

In addition to these successful cases we are currently pursuing a number of other personal injury claims against Primark, Romford on behalf of clients who have also suffered an accident as a result of sub standard flooring. Despite the fact the flooring appears to have been defective for many years, accidents are still occurring as Primark have failed to properly address the problem.

We understand that whilst the store has attempted to tape down defective floor tiles in some areas, the flooring at Primark in Romford continues to present a hazard to customers. One accident victim visiting their store recently reported that the floor was still in a poor state of repair, with the raised floor tiles still presenting a serious trip hazard.

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