Child arrangements after divorce or separation

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Specialist family law solicitor, Grace Clark, looks at the issue of child arrangements after divorce or separation.

Separate couples who have children will need to make what lawyers refer to as ‘child arrangements’. These are legal arrangements for their children, specifying where they will live and how frequently each parent will see them.

Our lawyers are experienced in ensuring that the right arrangements are made for both you and your children, and are skilled in supporting parents through this often difficult and highly stressful process.

We will always try to keep channels of communication open with all parties and make every effort to ensure that things remain positive and constructive.

We are often able to achieve a solution that will not require you to go to court, and will help you to consider what living arrangements are likely to be best for your children that will avoid traumatic changes to their routine, both now and in the longer term. We will also help with planning for the practicalities of everyday life: Who will take the children to school and collect them? Who will oversee their homework? Who will take them to clubs or sporting events?

If you are able to reach an agreement in broad terms, then our team will be able to prepare a formal Order to reflect your wishes that can be sent to the court for approval, making it binding on both parties.

If you and your ex find it difficult to achieve an agreement, then we can assist with negotiating a solution. We can also look at mediation or collaborative law to find an outcome that will be acceptable to everyone.

If court proceedings become necessary, then our solicitors can help to shoulder the stress and navigate a path that will suit the circumstances and result in a child arrangements Order that assures the child’s welfare. We can be there at your side during each of the court hearings that take place. This includes the initial hearing (when the court assesses the steps that will need to be taken to reach a decision), the dispute resolution hearings (when the court will look at whether any issues can be narrowed), and the final hearing (when the court makes the child arrangements Order).

By choosing Slee Blackwell Solicitors to deal with child arrangements after divorce or separation, you can be assured that you will receive a first class service from nationally acclaimed lawyers who are ranked 4th out of 3,980 Family Law solicitor firms in the UK by the independent review platform ReviewSolicitors*.

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* August 2023

Grace Clark

Grace Clark

Grace Clark

Grace Clark

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