Care Home Fees: are you entitled to claim a refund?

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Solicitor, John Hasson explains how thousands of people may be entitled to recover care home fees.

If you or a relative are in long term nursing or residential care you may be paying more for that care than you need to.

Our specialist solicitors can assess if this is the case and assist in reclaiming any overpaid fees – even where the person receiving the care has since passed away.

It is essential that healthcare needs are accurately assessed as this will affect the amount that has to be paid for care and may also have an impact on eligibility for other benefits. When this assessment is wrong or flawed people frequently end up paying for their care out of their own savings or income.

It’s often assumed that if a person needs nursing or residential care their financial means will be taken into account when assessing how much they will have to pay towards that care. However, this can be a costly assumption to make.

Care home residents whose primary need is healthcare based are entitled to have the full cost of their care met by the NHS. This is referred to as ‘fully funded care’. Healthcare needs are assessed by a multi-disciplinary team which is tasked with establishing exactly what someone’s continuing healthcare needs are and whether they meet the criteria for fully funded care.

Everyone who is in nursing home or residential care, has been in nursing home or residential care or is going into nursing home or residential care is entitled to have this assessment undertaken. This entitlement even applies where someone is only going into a care home on a temporary basis. The assessment can be carried out retrospectively and can also be carried out where the person receiving care has died. If the healthcare needs of the resident change then they are entitled to a reassessment. This could mean that they no longer have to pay nursing home fees if they now meet the criteria for fully funded care.

There is an entitlement to reclaim any nursing care home fees which were overpaid as a result of an incorrect assessment of the quality and quantity of someone’s continuing healthcare needs. Slee Blackwell Solicitors can arrange for a review of this assessment and help reclaim care fees that should never have been charged.

We offer a free initial assessment of care costs to see if there are grounds for claiming a refund of some or all of the care fees which have been paid by either you or a relative.

We can act on behalf of the person receiving care or their relative or attorney.

We are also able to assist in relation to any challenges to the healthcare assessment and its accuracy.

Funding these claims could not be simpler. We deal with care fee claims on a “No Win – No Fee” basis. It doesn’t cost a penny, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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