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‘Can I claim compensation from a GP if a medical mistake is made?’

The answer has always been ‘yes’, but a new scheme makes the legal position even more clear-cut.


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From 1st April 2019, NHS Resolution is operating a new state-backed insurance scheme for GPs in England. It is called the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP).

The scheme automatically covers all GPs for compensation claims made against them (or anyone working in their surgery) in respect of an error connected to the diagnosis, care or treatment of a patient.

The indemnity, which continues to apply even where a GP or other health professional is no longer practicing, is similar to insurance arrangements in NHS Trusts.

However, not all GP activities are covered under this new scheme. Non-NHS or private work are not for instance included within the new CNSGP Scheme. Primary care NHS dentistry, optometry and community pharmacy are also excluded by CNSGP.

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