Criminal Solicitors Taunton

If you find yourself charged with a criminal offence, falling foul of regulatory laws, or facing a driving prosecution, our team of Criminal Solicitors in Taunton are here to help you. The team offer a bespoke private client criminal defence service designed to suit clients’ individual requirements, and can deal with representation in court, as well as accompany you to any police, or investigating authority interview.

Help with criminal investigations and court hearings

Our team of Criminal Solicitors in Taunton offer specialist legal advice on a wide range of criminal offences, offering assistance from the start of a criminal investigation all the way through to any court hearings that may follow.

Our lawyers will meet you at a police station if an arrest has been made, or when a voluntary interview under caution has been arranged. Or if a local authority wishes to conduct an interview relating to benefit over-payments, or regulatory offences such as a breach of planning law, then we can accompany you so that you don’t have to face the ordeal by yourself.

If matters proceed to a court hearing, then our Criminal Solicitors can represent you in all the criminal courts; including the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, Youth Court and the Court of Appeal.

A bespoke private client criminal defence service

Because our team of Criminal Solicitors in Taunton don’t undertake Legal Aid work for criminal law, all cases are funded on a bespoke private basis, where Slee Blackwell’s services can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget. This approach means that our team can focus on the key legal and evidential issues that are central to your case, and crucially, dedicate all the resources needed to securing your best possible outcome.

We are also prepared to offer free initial legal guidance and review the options available to you.

Our extensive criminal defence experience 

Our team of Criminal Solicitors in Taunton offer decades of experience and success when it comes to representing clients facing criminal prosecutions, and in that time have built up a wealth of experience across a range of criminal offences. The team regularly deal with cases involving drugs and alcohol, driving charges, violence, public order, domestic abuse, sexual offences, regulatory and planning issues, theft and benefit over-payment.

We also enjoy and benefit from a constructive working relationship with local police and prosecutors which often enables us to achieve a desired outcome.

Legal costs

We will provide you with a clear and detailed estimate of the likely legal costs.

We are always happy to work to a specified budget and can tailor what we do to your specific requirements.

We have produced a range of costs estimates in relation to some common driving offences, details of which can be found here.

Recognised experts

We enjoy a well earned reputation for offering quality advice and representation in this specialist field. Solicitor Jen Law was recently invited to appear on BBC Radio Devon to explain the law relating to Public Order offences following a call for MPs to be given greater protection from harassment and abuse.

Areas of Specialism:

The Court has no choice but to impose a minimum 12 month driving ban when someone is convicted of drink driving, as well as either a fine, community order, or even prison sentence. This often results in the loss of employment and have far reaching consequences for the offender’s family, so it’s important to have specialist legal advice and representation.
The courts impose stiff sentences when it comes to the possession of drugs. So if you find yourself facing prosecution, we can review the evidence, and focus on the fine line between having drugs for your own personal use, and the more serious offence of possession with intent to supply. We can also support you with firearms offences which are viewed very seriously and can carry lengthy custodial sentences.
The two most common forms of benefit fraud are failing to provide information to the council, and dishonestly failing to provide information. The difference in sentencing can be considerable, so it’s very important to reach out for expert legal advice.
Breaches of planning law, animal welfare offences and health and safety transgressions are among the most complicated areas of regulatory law – and they call for expert knowledge to guide anyone facing prosecution through the complexities of the offences.
Facing investigation for a sexual offence can be a frightening and stressful experience. Anyone facing a sexual offence charge (historic or recent) will need expert legal guidance.

Work with our team: