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Road accident compensation totaling £30,000 recovered for man hit by car


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Personal injury specialist, Carly Sylvester, recently represented a man from Leicester who suffered multiple injuries in a road accident.

A vehicle came speeding round the corner as the man was getting out of his car. The vehicle drove over his foot and the car door smashed into his chest.

He was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary where he was treated for the injuries to his foot. He was then transferred to Glenfield Hospital for x-rays and scans of his shoulder and chest. The x-rays confirmed he had fractured his fibula and clavicle, as well as suffering fractures to a number of ribs. He was kept in hospital for three weeks.

We agreed to deal with his road accident compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We submitted the claim to the other driver’s insurance provider and legal liability was admitted instantaneously.

We then arranged for our client to be examined by an independent orthopaedic expert. Although the expert confirmed that the rib fractures had settled within a few weeks, he was less optimistic about the fibula and clavicle fractures. Not only would these take longer to heal, but it was likely he would continue to have some minor symptoms in the future.

We also gathered evidence of our client’s financial losses. He was off work for a number of  months, so we were able to claim his lost earnings, as well as the expenses he had incurred travelling to various medical appointments. And because he had been bedridden for several weeks, requiring care from his wife, we were able to make a claim for the value of the time she had spent nursing him.

The driver’s insurance company originally put forward an of £25,000, but we continued to negotiate and eventually an out of court settlement was reached at £30,000, plus legal costs.

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