Legal action threatened by hospitality industry

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Hospitality industry threatens legal action over coronavirus measures

The hospitality industry is threatening to take legal steps to prevent local lockdown rules that threaten to close pubs, clubs and bars.

The BBC is reporting the Night Time Industries Association claim that there is no evidence that hospitality is contributing to the spread of coronavirus and that legal action is now the industry’s only option.

The legal action could take the form of an application to court for judicial review. The government is already being challenged in the courts over its decision to impose a 10 pm curfew on pubs.

It is feared that the government’s latest restrictions will be disastrous for late night businesses, which are already economically vulnerable.

The measures have been described as disproportionate and unjust.

Although the chancellor has promised to pay 2/3 of workers’ wages if venues are required to shut, employers are worried this will be insufficient and that jobs will be lost; a fear shared by the CBI.

Critics of the government complain that no scientific evidence had been presented to suggest that closing venues suppresses transmission of the virus.