Government pledges to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse

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May pledges to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse

In the 2017 Queens’s Speech Mrs May’s Conservative Government included a commitment to introduce legislation to offer protection to the victims of domestic violence and abuse. 

Provisions in the new Bill will include the creation of a Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner and establishing a consolidated new domestic abuse civil prevention and protection order regime. 

 The Government also pledged its commitment to enabling the courts to impose sentences in child abuse cases that properly reflect the gravity of the crime and society’s abhorrence of child abuse.  

Parliament will be presented with the Courts Bill which aims to “modernise” our courts system.  This is likely to see the end of direct cross examination of domestic violence victims by those who stand accused of the crime. The use of virtual hearings can also be expected. This will enable trials to take place without putting victims of abuse through the ordeal of coming into direct contact with their abusers.

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