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Important TUV 5 PIP Implant Claims Update: July 2021. We are no longer accepting new clients under the TUV 5 wave of PIP claims. Other firms may still be taking on new TUV 5 clients and we would recommend that you make urgent enquiries if you want your claim to be considered. We do not know whether there will be a TUV 6 group in the future, but we will post news on this when a decision has been made.

Slee Blackwell’s specialist PIP implant claims team

We are continuing to receive a high volume of new PIP implant compensation enquiries from all over the UK. With an estimated 50,000 women in Britain being affected, there is no sign of these enquiries declining anytime soon.
As uncertainty over the effects of the PIP implants increases, women who have had these implants have been seeking advice from our specialist cosmetic surgery solicitors to see what they can do and whether they can claim PIP compensation.

PIP Implants – The Scandal Uncovered

As more and more women have their PIP implants removed, the truth about the state of the implants is becoming worryingly clear.
Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics recently reported that out of 10 sets of PIP implants removed:-

  • 3 of the women had suffered a complete rupture- meaning the silicone in the PIP implant was leaking into their body.
  • 6 of the PIP implants looked intact but upon inspection it was clear that the “substandard silicone” had leaked through the “flimsy outer shell” of the implant- known as ‘gel-bleed’.
  • Only one woman was completely free from rupture and gel-bleed.

Notably, Aurora Clinics have never used the PIP implants.
Mr Richards is recording all the serial numbers of the PIP implants he has removed as he has already noted some “patterns” between when the PIP implants were fitted, the serial numbers and the amount of ruptures and/or gel bleed.
We are therefore advising all our PIP clients to ask to keep the implants once removed so that further investigation can be carried out if necessary.
Worrying, we are receiving reports from women who have been asked to sign a form preventing them from retaining the implants. We would advise against signing any documentation without taking independent legal advice. We are happy to check all documents for our clients.

PIP Implant Limitation Worries

Some of our clients have been concerned that they may be out of time to bring a PIP compensation claim because their surgery was performed several years ago. Whilst we need to assess all PIP claims on a case by case basis, we can assure the majority of women who have had the PIP implants that their claim will not be time barred.
If you are concerned about PIP limitation, please call one of our specialist lawyers who will be happy to assess your case for free.

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