Paul Jordan

Paul Jordan has specialised in matrimonial law throughout his long career and is particularly known for his expertise in the financial aspects of relationship breakdown.Paul is a member of the Law Society’s specialist Family Law Panel, a member of Resolution and was Chairman of the North Devon Family Mediation Service for six years. He is also trained in Family Mediation and Collaborative Law Practice.

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Responsibility for paying private school fees after divorce

Who is responsible for paying private school fees after divorce? With private education becoming increasingly common it is no surprise that legal disputes between separating couples often arise in relation to who is responsible for paying private school fees after divorce. The issue can present a particular problem for couples with modest means who have made

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Divorce time limits

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Child contact during Covid-19

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What are the property rights of couples who live together?

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What is involved when you get divorced?

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The impact of coronavirus on divorce

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Child arrangements during Coronavirus

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